Proof Of Person

What is Idena ?

  • The Idena project is a open source project, launched in October 2018. The idena blockchain is driven by the consensus Proof of Personality, where each node is individually associated with one crypto-identity, one person with equal voting power. Idena suggests a unique way to formalize people online: Idena proves the humanity and uniqueness of its participants without collecting personal data by running the Turing test all over the world at the same time. More about Idena Network

Identity Explorer

  • Idena Identity Explorer is simplified version of the review or insight into the Idena `blockchain` written in PHP with the help of the public Idena Application Programming Interface (API).

  • Unlike the official version of the explorer (scan.idena.io), the focus in this variant is thrown EXCLUSIVELY on - the identity address. This means that each request/entry, if hash is not an address, will give an incorrect result, possibly an error. In that scenario, application will also load/prepare zero_wallet identity.

  • The view of this explorer is represented within 3 main elements. The upper, greenish block for the query, then an insight into the basic info about a certain profile, where there is a larger round avatar, and a dynamic block group.

  • In addition to insight into IDENA coins, basic info also shows the total number of flips that a certain identity has made, as well as the number of those for which the identity was not additionally rewarded during the transition from epoch to epoch.

  • In the upper left corner there is a list of 5 types of avatars, and they are: Robot, Monster, Robot Head, Kitty and Person. It is up to you to decide which is better for you. The choice refers only to a striking, enlarged avatar just below the drop-down list, and none other. Note that it will take more time to load the avatar, if you select the last option - Person.

  • The button in the form of a small, blue robot next to the dark gray kitten is used to submit a request. Requesting to display an address can also be activated by pressing Enter after `pasting` * (copy/paste) the copied address into the input field. The field for input/focus of identity that precedes the blue robot, understands strictly 42 characters and no other length.

  • A large avatar with an antique-white frame indicates that the identity is not on the favorite list. Then when it is on the favorite list, the avatar enlarges even more and gets the orange color of the frame. By clicking or touching, if you already have, the identity is removed from the favorite list. Otherwise, it goes to the list.

    When copying the address for review, if you are copying from the official site, make sure that your public id on the official identity search engine is not the same everywhere (only capital letters in the hash) as in your application. It will give insight into the details, but not of your, real and well-known robot, but of someone else. Therefore, when you enter the address manually, copy the one available to You from the desktop application itself.

    Clicking on dark gray kitten in the upper, right corner displays a list of favorite identities. From the displayed list, if there are items, at the click or touch of a certain robot, active details of the focused identity will be drawn.

  • Identities block displays a random, unsorted list of all kinds of identities. 18 identities on request. Clicking on Load more will add the next 18 identities, randomly (code: random) selected and so on until the end. By clicking/tapping on the desired avatar (not on the text next to) from the list, the identity is loaded/changed.

  • Rewards block (and NOT the block of penalties or lost rewards (bad flip, etc.)) shows only the profit after aging, ie the transition from epoch to epoch. If the data tables are not displayed, but a clear short message, it means that the address/identity is actually a system wallet or the identity simply does not yet have an award (Candidate) or something else.

  • Transaction block shows all previous transactions of focused identity. By clicking on the greenish part of the `hash` on the right side for each transaction separately, the details of the selected transaction will be displayed in the 'flying' element attached to the left side of the main view.

  • Flips Block shows all previous flips created by the focused identity. Clicking on the square image on the right side of the list will bring up additional and publicly available details about the flip. Additional details will be displayed in the same 'flying' element as for the details of all transactions. Depending on the value of the flip, whether it is poorly qualified or by any chance reported as bad and unlike the transaction overview, the visible visual difference will be noticeable, either from the list or within the 'flying' element with additional details.

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Made with: PHP + CSS + VFile.js && Robohash + idena-indexer-api + coingecko-api

Thank you in advance for the generosity you can provide by sending any amount to the donation address exclusively in IDNA currency. :)


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